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Formula Racer is a great 3D Formula 1 racing game. In this superb game you are racing over circuits over the whole world, you can upgrade your car engine, Boost and handling while you score points at the end of the race. If you end up in the to 3 you will get rewarded.


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How to play Formula Racer

Description: Formula Racer: is the ultimate Formula 1 racing game. This new 3D game has a setup of tracks you can choose over the whole world: USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Europe and more, you can upgrade and tune your car engine, handling, boost and race against 24 other racing cars to the finish line. If you end up in the top 3 you will be rewarded. So don't miss out on this great racing game Formula Racer.

Controls: Use the Upper Key or Lower Key to Accelerate or Brake your racing car. The Left Key or Right Key to turn Left or Right. Enjoy the game. Use the Space Bar to use the Boost.

  Player: You are player number 6367

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